Preparing for the family Christmas bake off I had a go at making American pancakes (they count, right?) and now I think they are my favourite easy meal. The recipe is simple and you can add so much good stuff or take away what you feel is bad stuff. I’m saying things I’m sure you already know.

Here’s the link to the recipe I use curtesy of the BBC.

If you want it light, use 0% milk, margarine, everything thats light, skimmed or diet. However if you’re like me, I load on the good stuff. Try tayloring it to yourself, dig out that sheet your nurse gave you for the do’s and don’t of food.  Stay away from fruit with skins and seeds.  Add Bananas to thicken output, natural yoghurt to reduce odour and manuka honey, known for its digestive health benefits, immunity against those winter colds and of course energy!


Bag leaks can really pick their moments…

I told you my most embarrassing moments, so I thought let’s carry on the tradition, I love a good embarrassing story.

It was a few weeks ago on my first “modelling job” for a well known hair brand, I was to be used in their school in Media City. Mum decided to drop me off as I only get stressed driving in the morning, when we arrived we went for a quick coffee. I called in the toilets and to my horror, my bag had decided to burst (tights ladies, they might keep you tucked in, hide a few sins but I’d advise you to leave them rolled down a bit)

I don’t quite know what I would have done if my Mother wasn’t there. I showed her what happened and of course, now into my 9th month of recovery I don’t carry spares with me often. What a mistake. She ran off and returned with plasters and baby wipes, aren’t Mum’s amazing. ❤️

I ran over to the studio just making it in time. Stress?! You don’t know the meaning of it!

Crohn’s and Colitis UK Membership

A few months ago I signed up to Crohn’s and Colitis UK Membership , which I did online at Its good to note that if you receive financial aid from the government you can state this in your application, receive a reduced rate or even a free membership for the year! If not, it is around £15 Annually.  With this membership you receive a ‘I can’t wait card’.


It explains your need for the use of their facilities and that you do not have anything contagious, you just require their WC urgently. This card doesn’t ensure you entry to their staff toilets, locked toilets or otherwise, it’s just a polite way of asking and I suppose it looks ‘official’. I am yet to use it as I always go in and ask, tell them I have a card, and they let me in. Just having it tucked away in your purse can give you that little bit of extra confidence to ask, because if they do refuse, you have that to back you up.

Remember this card is given to every member not just people with ostomies so if you’re desperate, flash it (the card obviously).

Here are the links to the website:



Is the KEY 103 Healthier Together Campaign at the Palace Hotel Manchester! I’m so excited to be invited to such an event that should hopefully make a difference! I’m hoping we all get a chance to voice our own options about the NHS and how we feel it could be drastically improved in the Manchester area.

Guest Blogger ‘Cozzie Corinne’

A few weeks ago I kindly asked a fellow blogger/ IBD sufferer if she would like to participate in a bit of guest blogging to which I got huge YES.  So i’m very pleased to introduce Corinne, here is a bit of information about her story,  #GETYOURBELLYOUT CAMPAIGN and what she is doing to help with fund-raising for IBD Awareness!

images-1      My name is Corinne and I’m a Vlogger/New Blogger ‘CozzieCorinne’, Singer, IVF’er, Ulcerated Colitis Survivor and JPoucher… aaaand breathe!

I was kindly asked by the lovely Jessica, to write a guest blog.. and this will be my very first of the kind! I decided that i would discuss something that is important to me, something that is a part of me, my struggles with IBD


I was Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 1997 at the age of 17.
I suffered for so long with cramps, weight loss, fatigue, blood loss, needing blood transfusions, endless colonoscopies, medication, steroids, enemas (yuck) and more and by the time I was 20, on September the 26th 2000 I had to have my large intestine/colon removed. The disease had taken my whole large intestine and was taking over my life!

I was supposed to have this in three operations. Slowly reconnecting my small bowel to my rectum and briefly having a colostomy bag. I had to have all three operations in one. My small intestine wouldn’t reach my abdomen wall. The surgeon, using my small intestine, created a JPouch – restorative proctocolectomy.

I left the hospital and it wasn’t plain sailing… I had recently had my staples removed that held my wound together to heal and unfortunately when sleeping it opened and I was rushed in to have emergency surgery to heal. I also had a small leak where the JPouch was connected to my rectum that lead to another hospital visit to fix it.

But 14 years later (wow time flies) and I am doing well. I have to watch what I eat, still suffer with fatigue and have my flare ups but the operation all in all saved my life.

I was searching on youtube for Vloggers like me, who are also dealing with IBD and I came across Thaila Skye.
She has been on youtube since 2009 and is spreading Ostomy and IBD awareness.

Well, she made a video about a worldwide campaign called #GetYourBellyOut that was started by four ladies in the UK called Sahara, Victoria, Lorna and Gem who were also trying to raise awareness for IBD and raise money for the charity Crohn’s and Colitis UK

I followed all the links that Thaila had shared and found out that the Campaign asks you to upload a photo of your belly with the hash tag #GetYourBellyOut on any and all social networks that you use such a Facebook, twitter, and instagram, to nominate others to do the same then donate by Texting IBDA99 £3 to 70070


Like me, other People have seen others doing this and have felt the confidence to show their Bellies to represent the disease and to spread awareness. So I also took part and posted my photo to Instagram. 

Bellies have been appearing of all different sizes and shapes from all over the WORLD! Some with scars, some with colostomy bags and some without anything at all… All to support IBD awareness and raise money for a charity called CCUK – Crohn’s and Colitis UK


I soon found out that there was a Facebook Fan page, twitter and Facebook Support group, which of course i joined.
After a few months of commenting and offering support where possible to people in the group that needed it, the campaign was getting bigger and bigger by the day. The founding members also in the group were needing to focus their efforts elsewhere and kindly asked myself and fellow ibders Lee Regis and Lisa Cummings the Honor of becoming admin on the support group.. of which has over 2000 members now and is continuing to grow!

Sharing the links to the Go Fund Me Fundraising page, the #GetYourBellyOut Merchandise to purchase and all the ways to follow the campaign.

I have also made a video about the campaign for my subscribers on youtube:

IBD is such a ‘taboo’ subject. No one reeeeaalllly wants to talk about bowel movements and peoples toilet action. The campaign wants people to know they don’t need to hide their tummys, scars or colostomy bags.

I came home from work after a day on the Facebook group and was totally inspired to write a song. I got in front of my keyboard and the words and music started flowing. I wrote a song which i named ‘Just a part of me’ and uploaded a video to YouTube myself singing this song in my bed… and i shared it to the group. I was overwhelmed how many people connected to it. I plan to record the song, pop it on iTunes, with all proceed going to Crohn’s and Colitis UK!

I have been touched by all the people i have connected with on the Facebook support group. Seeing people in pain and reaching out every day. Being part of that and helping in some way, from offering advice or just sending them positive thoughts and love. I have watched bonds be made, and i have made friendships for life myself.

I have organised with the help of Lee Regis, #GetYourBellyOut LONDON meet
30th of August
Diorama Art Studios


A chance for anyone dealing with IBD to come along and talk to other people at an informal event. A chance to make friends and have a chat over a cuppa. I leave you with details of the event and the event page on Facebook.

A huge thank you to Jessica for inviting me as a guest on your wonderful blog! images

Key 103/ Best Care

Key 103 radio station in the North West are running a campaign for members of the public to become an ambassador to help improve the NHS. I am sure many will agree that changes need to be made, whether the experiences you’ve had were personally or with a family member or  friend. See link below for instructions on how to do this!

UK Residents only.

Off to good old Blighty

I had my first swim in the sea, wearing my bikini, on a very busy beach and couldn’t be more pleased.

It was March of the Mermaids last weekend so me and a few friends made the costumes and headed onto Brighton’s packed beach. At first I was nervous but then felt the confidence from my friends to sit in my bikini. I met my Bf and went for a dip.

I managed for 10 minutes in the sea, until I notice a man stood next to me gawping for a good few. I’m not going to lie, I did end up retreating back to my friends with my t- shirt covering my bag, a bit self conscious.

I ached a lot on the Sunday before the drive home, and after. I’ve been out of hospital for about 3 months so my abdomen is still healing. So my advice, avoid big drives until full recovery. Now I’ve said it, it’s a bit obvious!


24 year old girl with Crohns and an Ileostomy. All things poop, food, fashion and advice


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